7.2kw Vacuum Contactor

7.2kw Vacuum Contactor

7.2kw Vacuum Circuit Contactor series vacuum contactor is used in an AC. 50-60 Hz electric power system, with rated working voltage is 7.2Kv and 12kV, and rated current of 400A,630A, for direct or romote on-off control and circuit-breaking control of the of the main load.
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Product Details

Product Description

BRCKG3/4-7.2 AC vacuum contactors (hereinafter referred to as: contactor) are applied in power network with AC frequency of 50Hz-60Hz, rated voltage of 7.2kV, and rated current below 630A in the main loop for the remote making and breaking, frequent start and control of AC motor. It is advisable to use them in combination with fuse and protective device to replace vacuum circuit breaker.

Ambient Environment

•Ambient air temperature is neither higher than +40℃ nor lower than -10℃;

•Altitude of installation site does not exceed 1000m;

•The maximum mean monthly relative air humidity is 90% in the wettest month. The minimum mean monthly temperature is 25℃, with consideration of condensation generated on the surface of product due to temperature change.

•The operating condition shall be free from obvious impact and vibration;

•The medium is without explosion danger, and in the medium there is no gas and dust (including conductive dust) sufficient for corroding metal and destroying insulator.

•The operating condition shall be free from rain and snow

Model No. & Specific

Composition of model No. and meanings:

For product specifications, rated voltages are 7.2kV, the rated current is below 630A. Control voltages include 220V, 380V.

Technical Data

•Overall and installation dimensions (See Fig.1,2)

•See Table 1 for main technical features;

•Number of pole of main loop is 3;

•Control power supply: 220V, 380V and 50Hz/60Hz, and also customized according to user needs;

•Control loop is DC electromagnet. Coils are connected with AC control power supply via power module. Schematic diagram and wiring diagram (See Fig3);

•Rated duty: discontinuous long-time duty and repeated short-time duty (rated on-load factor is 40%);  The auxiliary contact is three normally open and normally closed two, vheating current is 5A


Company Information

● Yueqing Winston Electric Co., Ltd.  is  located in Wenzhou - the Electric Capital of China. We specialize in developing, manufacturing and distributing low voltage & high voltage electrical products. The products we professionally deal with are switching power supplies, sensors, relays, voltage stabilizers,  AC contactors, circuit breakers, distribution boxes, industrial plugs & sockets and others. 



● Our company is not only an exporting company, but also a professional manufacturer in China. We have our own production base. So,we are sure that we can best support our customers with high quality products and the most competitive prices. 


● One years’ guarantee for free  from the date of delivery . Besides, any of the spare parts can be supplied , during the guarantee period and after the guarantee period.If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.


● Five layers corrugated board + industrial foam packaging, installation to reach your hands


● We are an ISO9001:2000 certified company. We have obtained many certificates, such as CCC, CE, CB, GS and RoHS. Stability, expertise and technological innovation are the core stones of our business strategy. Aiming at reliable product quality and the highest customer satisfaction, we are consistently deepening enterprise inner reform and fully carry out a quality guarantee system.


Q: When can I get quotation and details after send inquiry?

A: All inquiries will be replied in 24 hours.

Q: What's the difference between you and other suppliers?  Some can offer cheaper price!

A: Different suppliers, different quality, and different prices. Quality comes first, then price, is the best way! We offer high quality products.

Q: No need high quality, normal quality is popular in our markert, can you offer?

A: We can provide products in different quality, you can choose the best one to meet your market, we will do our best to support you. 

Q: Sample available for quality inspection?

A: Of course! Sample order is the best way to build trust. We offer free sample service for LV products, like MCB, MCCB, Capacitor, etc. Do not hesitate to send inquiry to get the free sample!

Q: What's the delivery time? Need urgently!!!

A: 3~7days for sample order. 15days for regular order.

Q: What's the warranty period of your products?

A: 12month.

Q: How to send a inquiry for more information?

A: Click inquiry buttons to send inquiry freely.

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