12 questions to be aware of in the installation of soft starters

- Jul 26, 2019-

 "Soft starter" this let people love and hate the small thing, but not small oh! The previous knowledge about the soft starter we also said a lot, today on the soft launcher installation problem to do a detailed summary, for the need of friends to do a reference!

12 issues to watch out for in soft starter installation:

1. do not close to the heating element installation;

2. the specifications of the motor and soft start should match;

3. soft start output is strictly prohibited to connect capacitors;

4. leave enough space to ensure that the cooling air from the bottom to the top of the soft starter to cycle;

5. make sure that no liquid, or conductor falls into the starter,

6. soft starter above the protection level is IP00;

7. the cabinet body protection level at least IP23;

8. should ensure ventilation:

9. if the ventilation is not sufficient, should strengthen the forced ventilation device;

10. for the soft starter itself installed with a cooling fan,

11. when the temperature is higher than 50 degrees C, the fan starts automatically.

12. when the temperature drops to 40 degrees C, the fan stops working;