Ac contactor installation debugging and daily inspection matters

- Dec 02, 2019-

About ac contactor installation and debugging methods, and ac contactor in use to check the items, to ensure that the ac contactor stable and reliable operation, do not know the friend reference.

Ac contactor installation and debugging.

CJX2 Series Contactor

I. installation and debugging of ac contactor

1. When installing the wiring of contactor, care should be taken not to lose the screws, washers, wiring and other parts, so as to avoid falling into the contactor and causing stuck or short circuit.Screws should be tightened during installation to prevent loose vibration.

2. After the wiring is tested to be correct, the coil should be energized for several times to check whether the product is reliable before it can be connected to use if the main contact is not charged.

3. for the contactor for reversible conversion, in order to ensure the reliability of the chain, in addition to the installation of electrical chain, but also should be installed with mechanical chain mechanism.

II. Use inspection of ac contactor

1. During the use period, the parts of the product shall be inspected regularly, and the action part shall not be stuck, and the fasteners shall not be loose and fall off. If the parts are damaged, they shall be replaced in time. 

2. The contact surface should always be kept clean and oil coating is not allowed. When metal beads are formed on the contact surface due to the action of arc, it should be timely eradicated.When the contact is badly worn, the overpass should be adjusted in time. When the thickness is only 3/1, the contact should be replaced in time.Note that the contact resistance of the black oxide film generated on the contact surface of silver and silver-based alloy during the arc breaking is very low, which will not cause bad contact phenomenon. Therefore, there is no need to file and repair, otherwise the contact life will be greatly shortened.

3. The contactor with arc extinguishing chamber must not be used with arc extinguishing chamber to avoid short circuit accidents. The arc extinguishing cover of clay is fragile and fragile.