AC contactor installation precautions and maintenance

- Jul 25, 2019-

For electrical equipment, whether to extend the service life, the key also lies in the installation is correct, the use of the process is appropriate, whether timely maintenance. Therefore, the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment is extremely important. The installation and maintenance of the contactors are described below.

First, installation precautions

1, before installation and use, should check whether the rated voltage of the coil and the actual use of the match.

2, before use, the iron core above the anti-rust grease or rust scale with gasoline wipe clean. Avoid sticking during use. Causes a power outage that cannot be released.

3, in the installation, generalvertical installation, tilt angle can not be too large, not more than 5 degrees, otherwise it will affect the contactor's action performance.

4, in the installation, especially when connecting the wires, pay attention to finely broken wires to clean up, to avoid falling into the contactor sewell, causing contactors to block, causing the coil to burn.

5, when connecting the wire, must not wire metal parts exposed in the air, to avoid oxidation. Tighten the screws to avoid poor wire contact due to vibration.

6, in the installation, should make the two sides of the hole on the upper and lower sides, conducive to heat dissipation.

Second, AC contactor use maintenance

In general, AC contactor maintenance is divided into run-time maintenance and inactive maintenance, as described below.

1. runtime maintenance

(1) When in normal use, check that the load current is within normal range.

(2) Observe that the relevant indicators conform to the normal circuit indicators.

(3) Whether the sound is normal in operation and whether there is any noise caused by poor contact.

(4) Whether the contact point is burned.

(5) Whether the surrounding environment is in a state of poor operation of the contactors, such as moisture, too much dust, excessive vibration, etc.

2. do not run maintenance

(1) When discontinued, the contactors are cleaned regularly to keep the contactors clean. In particular, whether the cable is secure, whether there is a loose place, whether the wire insulation is damaged, etc.

(2) The maintenance of the contact system: such as static electric contact is reliable, whether the middle spring is normal, whether there is a card blocking phenomenon.

(3) Whether the contact is loose, whether there are traces of burn, whether the press contact is flexible and reliable contact.

(3) Strict measurement of the interphase insulation resistance of AC contactors, and the resistance value is not less than 10MΩ

(4) Contactor coil maintenance, such as whether there is open welding, burn loss and other phenomena, the insulation around the coil is discolored.

(5) Iron core maintenance: can be removed in the case of power failure inspection, general inspection of the iron core contactors, mainly in the operation of abnormal sound, because the core loose or rusty, but also one of the reasons for the contactor sending out a noise. At the same time can also observe whether the short circuit ring is damaged, if necessary, timely replacement.