Ac Contactor point control line schematic

- Aug 02, 2019-

The so-called point control refers to: press the button, the motor has to run electricity; This control method is often used for lifting motor control of electric hoists and motor control for fast-moving motor in lathe trailers.The simplest control line wiring diagram for point-and-point, one-way rotation control lines is the simplest of which is used to control the operation of the motor with a button contactor.

From the figure, it can be seen that the point-moving forward control line is composed of the conversion switch QS, fuse FU, start button SB, contactor KM and motor M. Where the conversion switch QS as the power isolation switch, fuse FU for short circuit protection, button SB control contactor KM coil power, power loss, contactor KM's main contact control motor M start and stop, line operating principle is as follows:


When the motor M needs to tap, first close the switch QS, at which time motor M has not been plugged in. Press the start button SB, the contact KM's coil is electrically charged, so that the title iron suction, while driving the contactor KM's three pairs of main contact closed, motor M will be turned on the power start operation.When the motor needs to stop, as long as the release of the start button SB, so that the contactor KM coil loss of power, the iron in the return spring to use the reset, drive the contactor KM's three pairs of main contacts to resume disconnect, motor M power loss stop.The pattern of the point-moving forward control wiring diagram in the upper right is indicated by the drawing method of approximate physical wiring diagram, it looks more intuitive, beginners are easy to understand, but drawing is very troublesome, especially in some of the more complex control lines, because of the use of more electrical appliances, drawing the form of wiring diagrams makes people feel complicated, very practical.