AC contactor auxiliary contact damage emergency wiring method illustration

- Aug 02, 2019-

When the auxiliary contacts of the AC contactor are damaged and cannot be repaired and used in a hurry, the wiring method of the following image can be used for emergency treatment. One of the main contacts of the contactorins in the figure is used as a self-locking contact. When closing the power switch and pressing the start button SB1, the contactor coil is charged, the main contact is closed and self-locked, and the motor is running.

When the contactor coil is rated at 220V, the left-hand wire is used. When the contactor coil is rated at 380V, the wiring method on the right is used.


It should be noted that the right circuit after the motor stop, the motor through the control circuit is still live, maintenance is not very safe, therefore, this circuit is only used for emergency use.