Daily maintenance precautions for external bypass soft starters

- Jul 16, 2019-

Most of the soft starters on the market are now external bypass soft starters, so you need to note that the soft starter is a routine maintenance work. So external bypass Soft starter daily maintenance should pay attention to what?


1. Usually pay attention to check the soft starting environmental conditions, to prevent the operation of more than its permitted environmental conditions.

Be careful to check the soft starter for objects that interfere with its ventilation and cooling, and make sure there is enough space around the soft starter.

2. Regularly check whether the power distribution line terminals are loose, whether the components in the cabinet overheated, discoloration, odor and other phenomena.

3. Regular lying dust, so as not to affect heat dissipation, to prevent the thyristor due to temperature increase and damage, but also to avoid dust leakage and short-circuit accidents. Dust cleaning can be done with a dry brush or vacuumed with a leather tiger and vacuum cleaner. For large pieces of dirt, it can be removed with an insulating rod. If available, it can be blown away with the compressor air around 0.6M Pa.

4. Usually pay attention to observe the operation of the fan, once found that the fan speed is slow or abnormal, should be repaired in a timely manner (such as the removal of oil scale, dust accumulation, oil, more damageorors). Replace damaged fans in a timely manner. If the soft starter is used without a fan, the thyristor will be damaged.

5. If the soft starter use environment is more humid or easy to dew, should often use infrared light bulb or hair dryer drying, to remove moisture, so as to avoid leakage and short-circuit accidents.