Choice of car Inverter

- Jan 25, 2019-

Vehicle inverter is a kind of power supply product which works in high current and low frequency environment, and its potential failure rate is quite high. Therefore, consumers must be careful when buying.

First of all, from the inverter output waveform choice, it is best not to be lower than the quasi-sine wave; second, the inverter should have a complete circuit protection function; Third, manufacturers should have a good after-sales service commitment; IV, circuits and products have been tested over time.

1, The choice of on-board power supply In addition to price factors, the main need to consider is the car power supply on the input voltage requirements and the size of the output power, in addition to the power of a variety of electrical appliances vary greatly, so according to the use of the need to choose on-board power supply, the principle is adequate.

2, According to the use of different types of electrical appliances to choose the appropriate on-board power supply, for the daily resistance of electrical appliances to choose square wave, correction wave, sine wave can be used together, for the perceptual use of electrical appliances must choose sine wave inverter.

3, Square wave/modified Wave inverter power supply can not be with inductive load and capacitive load, can not drive air conditioning, refrigerator, but also difficult to provide power for high-quality audio TV. Strictly speaking, square wave/modified Wave inverter power supply will affect the service life of electrical appliances, these problems will not appear when using sine wave inverter.

4, The General car cigarette Light device insurance for 10A or 15A (10A insurance is mostly old models or original imported models), which indicates that the general car can be used in the car inverter power supply for 120W or 180W. If a high-power inverter (more than 180W or 200W) is required, it is important to see if there is a battery clamp in the package, and the use of a high-power inverter without a battery clamp on the car will be limited.

5, The general car power supply in the cigarette point will have insurance, auto supplies qi net reminder to buy when the purchase must be open to check this insurance and car cigarette point insurance is not matched (in theory, less than or equal to cigarette light insurance), so that the insurance of cigarette light can play a role, on the contrary, will make the car cigarette point Insurance burned, It's going to cause unnecessary trouble.