CJX2 contactor with what model of thermal relay works best

- Jul 24, 2019-


The electrical appliances in the circuit have 1.5KW inverters with 1.5KW inverter motors, as well as air compressor (the motor is 7.5KW), so what model of the circuit to choose the thermal relay and AC contactor? Three-phase electricity when circuiting!



All you need is a 3-pole circuit breaker, and you can use DZ47-63 6A.   

Air compressor motor is 7.5KW DZ47-63 20A larger can also, contactor siphone select CJX2-1810, the best large-level choice CJX2-2510, hot relay pick JR36-20 (15-22) A on the line.   

(1) Select the contactors of the appropriate category by the contactor's control object, the number of operations, and the type used.

(2) According to the voltage rating of the line at the use location.   

(3) Select the rated current of the contactor's main contact by load capacity.   

(4) The voltage level and current type of the attracted coil should be considered for the requirement of controlling the power supply.

(5) For the capacity selection of auxiliary contacts, the number of demands for interlocking circuits and the size of the blackout flow of the connected contact heads should be considered.