Common wiring methods of ac contactor

- Dec 06, 2019-

Common wiring methods of ac contactor:

CJX2 Series Contactor

1. Generally, the three-phase contactor has eight points, three inputs, three outputs, and two control points.The output corresponds to the input, and if self-locking is required, the wire needs to be connected to the control point from one of the terminals of the output point.

2. The principle of ac contactor

An ac is an external power supply that is applied to the coil to produce an electromagnetic field.Add electricity to absorb close, after power off contact point disconnects.

To understand the principle, you need to figure out the external power supply contacts, that is, the two contacts of the coil, generally in the lower part of the contactor, and on one side.Other several inputs and outputs are generally in the upper, but also pay attention to the external power supply voltage is how much (220V or 380V), are generally marked.

Also, notice whether the contact point is normally closed or normally open.If there is self - lock control, according to the principle of the line can be.