What is the contactor's self-locking and interlocking

- Aug 02, 2019-

(1) After the self-locking motor starts, release the start button, the contactor through its own normally open auxiliary contact and keep the coil electrical lying the role is called self-locking. The self-locking control circuit has the function of keeping the motor running continuously, as well as the undervoltage and loss of pressure (or zero pressure) protection function.

(2) Interlock Two contactors through their own often closed auxiliary contacts, each other can not get the role of electrical action at the same time called interlock. In order to achieve the direction of the motor, in the main circuit of the positive reversal control circuit, the main contact of the two contactors is connected to the three-phase power supply, if not interlocking link, it is very easy to make the two contactors power at the same time because of the wrong operation, forming a power supply two-phase short-circuit accident, so it is necessary to use interlocking link.