Do you really know the basic knowledge about contactors

- Aug 28, 2019-

The application of contactor almost lays the foundation for the basic electrician skills. It is a necessary skill for every electric work staff to accurately understand and use contactor. Do you really know the basic knowledge of contactor?

Contactor is usually made up of contactor electromagnetic organization, contact system, arc extinguishing device, spring organization, bracket and base, etc., for electric power homework staff, we mainly use is: ac contactor coil + contactor contact system.

The contact of ac contactor may be divided into main contact and auxiliary contact. The main contact is normally open and used in the main circuit. The auxiliary contact is used in the control circuit with the contactor coil, and the operation of the circuit is controlled by the coil of the control contactor.

Basic performance of ac contactor: after the ac contactor receives electricity, the main contact is closed and the circuit is connected, the normally open point of the auxiliary contact is closed and the normally closed point is disconnected, so as to make positive dynamic transformation of the circuit and control the normal operation of the circuit.

Contactor application concerns:

1. Distinguish the power supply voltage of contactor and connect the power supply accurately.The most commonly used contactor power supply is: AC220V, DC220V, AC380V and other voltage grades.Wiring process to see understand, or simple burning contactor.

2. The contactor should be pressed tightly and firmly when pressing the connection wire, and should not press the wire skin as if it is not connected, which is the obstacle point in the common work.

3. Ac contactor in the process of application must be divided into self-locking point, interlocking point and information transmission point, do not mix may be connected to the reverse!

The basic knowledge of contactor is the essential survival skill of every electrical person. Although it is basic, it is the most important one.