Eight forbidden areas of inverter control circuit wiring

- Oct 15, 2019-

Although the inverter auxiliary control method has many advantages, the improper control circuit wiring can often affect the operation of the inverter and sometimes make it appear unnecessary fault.Today small make up according to some people's work experience, give you a summary of the inverter control loop wiring eight forbidden areas, a look.

1. the inverter control loop wire and the main circuit cable (power line) should be strictly separated, separate place.This can effectively prevent the inverter control circuit from being interfered by the harmonic in the main circuit.

2. The connection of the inverter should be separated from the terminals or contacts of other control circuits in order to avoid high-voltage breakdown fault.It is possible to drive high voltage ac contactor/relay due to the fault signal of the inverter and the terminal such as the multi-function contact output signal.

3. In order to avoid the wrong operation caused by interference signals, when wiring the low-power control loop of the frequency converter (such as the conductor used by the sensor under the PID control function), select the shield wire with high anti-interference ability and twisted pair wire.And should be separated from the main circuit, strong circuit (including 200V relay program circuit) wiring.

4. Take the 50m conductor length of the control loop of the frequency converter as the reference point (in some cases, the length is 100m, which is related to the decisive factors such as the section, material and signal strength of the used conductor). Once the wiring distance is higher than this length, the relay circuit or relay should be used to amplify the signal.

5, clamping inverter control loop wire, must pay attention to the polarity of analog signal, to avoid the polarity of the inverter to help control the electrical circuit damage.

6. When the inverter is powered on, disable the digital multimeter with a buzzer function file (the output voltage of this gear is higher than other gear) to measure on/off the control loop.

7. Because the frequency input signal of the control circuit is a small current, in order to avoid the fault caused by poor contact during the input of the node, the contact of the small signal should use two parallel nodes or twin nodes.

8, the control loop wiring generally choose 0.3 ~ 0.75 square meters of cable.If above content has the insufficiency, welcome everybody to point out to add ~

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