How many motors can a frequency converter take?

- Aug 19, 2019-

How many motors can a frequency inverter take?

This question is often asked.So let's analyze that.If it is at the same time start and stop, at the same time speed regulation, can be used to drive a frequency converter more than one motor.However, the frequency converter does not protect each motor, so each motor to heat protection devices, in addition to choose the frequency converter capacity.In general, frequency converter can choose 1.5 times of the sum of all the motor capacity, at the same time to consider the current value, should give at least 1.1 times more than the margin, if the distance is far suggest to install output reactor and filter.

In addition, V/F control should be selected for parameter setting, rather than vector control or torque control.How many motors can a frequency converter take?Small make up suggest you call our engineers or online consulting customer service.