how the leakage protector works

- Aug 15, 2019-

Everyone has a leakage protector in their home but not everyone knows how it works. Here's Winston electric explaining it in detail.

Leakage protection switch for the main switch, any branch leakage exceeds the set value, the total leakage switch will work, the whole distribution board will lose power, to achieve the purpose of protection.Circuit short circuit will generally disconnect the branches, the main switch and other branches can still be used normally.

Leakage protection switch: also known as leakage protection or leakage circuit breaker, refers to the circuit leakage current exceeds the predetermined value can automatically operate the switch.Leakage protection switch in addition to the air switch overload protection, short circuit protection, undervoltage protection and leakage protection function.Can be in the load circuit leakage (leakage current reaches the set value) quickly break the circuit, in order to avoid leakage damage to personnel and electrical equipment.Leakage protection switch generally needs to be tested regularly (one month) by pressing the test button once!


The action principle of leakage protection switch is: on an iron core, there are two groups: one input and one output current winding winding current, when there is no leakage, input current and output current is equal, in the core flux vector and zero, would not be in the third winding induction electric potential, or on the third winding will be induced voltage to form, to drive actuator enlargement, switch trip.

The leakage protection switch is added in front of UPS. Although UPS has no leakage phenomenon, the flux vector formed by each harmonic in the iron core and the hysteresis of the iron core cannot be zero, so the illusion of similar leakage occurs, making the leakage protector frequently tripping.

So that's the introduction of Winston electric to the leakage protector, hope to be helpful to your understanding.