How to choose the protection structure of inverter according to the installation environment

- Sep 10, 2019-

When selecting frequency converter, the installation environment should be considered, including environmental temperature, humidity, dust content, corrosive gas and other factors.If the operating conditions cannot be met, corresponding protective measures shall be taken.

Inverter manufacturers will provide the following common protective structure for users to choose.

(1) the open IP00, which protects the human body from the front and cannot touch the live parts inside the frequency converter, is suitable for installation in the electric control cabinet or the screen, plate and rack in the electrical room, especially for the concentrated use of multiple frequency converters, but it has higher requirements on the installation environment.

(2) closed type IP20, IP21, this protective structure of the frequency converter all around the cover, can be installed in the building wall wall, can have a small amount of dust or a little temperature, humidity occasions, it is suitable for most indoor installation environment.

(3) sealed type IP40, IP42, it is suitable for industrial site environmental conditions are poor occasions.

(4) airtight type IP54, IP55, it has dustproof, waterproof protective structure, suitable for industrial site environmental conditions are poor, there is water, dust and a certain corrosive gas occasion.

The selection of variable-frequency speed regulation system in the engineering site should be based on its own actual technological requirements and the selection of application occasions, should weigh the advantages and disadvantages, reasonable selection, comprehensive consideration.Only correct and flexible use of frequency converter, ac frequency control system can be safe and reliable operation.