How to tell the difference between contactor coils

- Jul 24, 2019-

You can measure the resistance value by the multimeter to judge, the general contactor coil organization in hundreds of euros, if the measured tissue is very small (e.g. a few euros, and after power does not absorb) that the coil short circuit; Also check the coil voltage of the inlet contactor to prevent the contactor from not absorbing due to the failure of the screw to tighten the coil, or because the wire of the inlet coil is not trapped.

Contactors are electrical appliances for frequently turning on and breaking ac DC main circuits and high-capacity control circuits over long distances, and their main control objects are electric motors, as well as other electrical loads, such as electric heaters, lighting lamps, welding machines, capacitor slots, etc.

Multi-meter generally also measures the DC resistance value, if it is a small high-voltage coil generally hundreds of thousands or the maximum several megaum, the accuracy requirements are not high, can be measured with the design value or other no fault of the equivalent coil comparison, low-voltage coil is generally millieurope level, with the multimeter is not measured accurate resistance (error is very large), A dedicated direct resistance tester is required.