Inverter digital scintillation motor does not turn how to return a responsibility?

- Sep 24, 2019-

Have digital flicker frequency converter on the panel, and motor does not turn, need to see what digital converter flashing and code, then the manual check corresponding to these Numbers and code, know the meaning of them can suit the remedy to the case, some may be call the police, some of them are to stay in a certain state, some are waiting to be run, to look at the function design of the inverter itself.


Many European frequency converters will design an enable performance, which is separate from the start signal. If the start signal is given, but the enable signal is not closed, at this time, a ready warning signal like RDY may be flashing, and then the motor has not been working.For some Japanese inverters, if the RUN light is not on, that is to say, there is no start signal to go in, but you give the frequency requirement to the inverter, the inverter panel may repeatedly flash the given frequency value.Once the enable and start signals are in, the converter is up and running and won't flicker.That is to say, this flash is to remind you, as long as such command to start the inverter, the inverter can work, although this kind of design seems not big, but there are some occasions to consider safety, start the motor may be damaged, after all, what personal safety equipment or crisis, so many flashing lights can make operating frequency converter a guard.

2. A particular state

For example, some inverter, when communicating with the upper computer, the address or data is not written correctly, or is in transmission, the inverter is in a waiting state, and may flash some characters to prompt the user to check and correct.Some are in some torque control, zero speed control state, at this time is the output current, but just and load torque balance, the motor did not turn, but in fact the inverter is working, so remind the user inverter is working, do not take it lightly.Some inching state, positive and negative turn control needs, if the inching signal or inching frequency is not given in, the same flashing number will prompt the user to give the command.Some are external interlocking signals, not to the inverter inside, such as the master and slave control, the host signal is not to come, the slave converter is waiting to receive the command of the working state.These states, according to the inverter manual to query, timely processing.

3. Alarm status

Inverter in the alarm, the panel will display a certain alarm code, some to image a little, will set flashing state, so that the user can timely check the manual to determine the solution.This need not doubt, once the frequency converter has an alarm, must be handled to be able to work, such as in a high temperature environment, frequency converter overheating alarm, need to cool down in time before you can start.Some of the parameters of the inverter are unreasonable, such as the starting frequency is too low, the V/F ratio is not adjusted correctly, and the startup cannot be started, resulting in the state of blocking rotation, and some over-current load alarm flashing may be displayed.Some frequency converters are designed with so-called alarm alerts, which do not affect the operation. For example, the bus voltage of Siemens 440 May have over-voltage alarm during operation, but it does not affect the operation.

4.The inverter is broken

Some low-end frequency converters do not have some detection feedback after starting up. You can see that the motherboard is running, but in fact the motor is not working. These are usually the modules are burned or the drive board is broken, but the motherboard is working.

If the inverter is broken, of course, only repair or replacement.