Causes and treatment measures of inverter explosion failure

- Jul 31, 2019-

The possible causes of inverter blowout failure are: water intake, oil pollution, conductive dust, wiring error, mechanical vibration.

The relative detection method: check whether the inverter working environment has any possible environmental reasons for blowing up the aircraft;If the electric blast machine, need to confirm whether the inverter wiring is wrong;Frequency converter maintenance should pay attention to whether the main power inside the machine copper bar loose, screw loose, fall off and other situations frequency converter blasting measures:

1) strengthen the protection of frequency converter and pay attention to the maintenance during the use of the machine;For harsh and special environment, high protection non-standard machine is adopted.

2) wrong wiring may lead to the explosion of the aircraft, such as the position of the input power grid line and the motor line is switched, and a wire at the input end is connected to the ground (PE end) or BR end, etc.The correct connection mode of frequency converter is shown in the figure below. The connection mode of other series frequency converter can refer to the corresponding user manual.