Inverter fault codes F011, F006, F002 and other common fault causes

- Aug 01, 2019-

First of all, analysis of the drive repair F011 fault, according to the driver repair manual of the F011 description "the device is shut down because of excessive flow", we should focus on checking the drive repair site, the drive whether there is a ground, short circuit, and then check the detection part of the drive itself. When the F011 alarm appears, the inverter maintenance personnel must first use the mega-Euro table, the universal meter on the field motor and cable grounding, short-circuit inspection, if there is ground, short-circuit, then the corresponding treatment. If there is no ground, short circuit on the inverter reset, observe whether the drive is powered up immediately or after a period of time alarm. Immediate alarm is the possibility that the drive itself detects a problem with the system. After a period of time alarm indicates that the field load is too large is more likely, the load should be off with the motor, idling for a period of time to observe the inverter, in order to check the drive display current condition, in order to facilitate judgment.

When the drive appears F002, F006 alarm, check the service drive input power supply is too low or too high. The cause of the fout F006 fault may be caused by the long-term load of the drive work site at full load, the drive repair personnel should observe the drive operating current, frequency, torque and other parameters.

The cause of the drive F015 failure is that the motor is blocked or lost. When dealing with the f015 fault of the drive, you should first judge whether the motor in the drive repair site rotates after the drive has output. If the motor completely clings to no rotation trend, then focus on checking whether the motor lock is open and whether the bearing speed is dead, and then check whether the deceleration is damaged.

The drive maintenance conditions allow the deceleration and motor to remove, respectively, check the deceleration and motor, if the motor after the inverter has output can rotate to indicate that the speed feedback encoder is faulty, the repair site to check whether the converter and the motor connection is reliable, whether there is a motor to the encoder does not turn phenomenon, there is the processing of the motor and the encoder connection.

Reliable connection between the encoder and the motor indicates that at least one channel of coder feedback is lost (at this time the drive service detection terminal measurement encoder feedback voltage can be found at least one channel without feedback or voltage is too low), replace the encoder.

After replacing the encoder after the drive still reported f015 fault, check the encoder cable for disconnected, encoder cable shield after the connection. Drive repair F051 and F053 fault are speed feedback encoder fault, speed feedback signal is not normal, should check whether the encoder cable is disconnected, shield ingress or replace the encoder. When the drive reported F051 failure, the speed feedback signal is not completely lost, but there is a loss of code phenomenon, the drive repair personnel should focus on checking all encoder cable terminal terminal terminal scabies, to determine that the encoder cable is not false when the field encoder problem is considered. When it is clear that the encoder fault and the field does not have maintenance conditions, you can change the frequency controller parameters from speed control to V/f control without speed feedback, the specific drive repair method is to modify the inverter parameters r100 and r130 to 1 and 10 respectively.