Main use and usage of soft start cabinet

- Nov 18, 2019-

(1) purpose

Soft starting cabinet is mainly used to receive the high and low water level control signals output by the liquid level control instrument (apparatus), and to control the automatic start and stop of the motor of the liquid pump. Its control forms include full pressure starting, step-down starting, soft starting and frequency conversion control.

(2) debugging and use methods

In the control loop of this series of control cabinets (boxes), there are both automatic control and manual control, as well as functions of over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, missing phase protection and accident reporting. Before use, this product must be rechecked according to the electrical schematic diagram, connected, adjusted the setting value of the corresponding components according to the actual requirements of the motor, and then started.

1. Automatic operation: switch on the power, turn the switch to the "automatic" position, and check whether the motor controlled by the control cabinet (box) ACTS according to the instructions of the liquid level controller.When the liquid level reaches the control level, the corresponding liquid level indicator light will shine, and the corresponding limit control relay will be normally open [industrial electrical network -cnelc] contact will automatically close, the secondary control loop will be automatically connected, the motor will start, and the operating indicator light will be on at the same time.When the water level reaches the stop level, the corresponding indicator light will shine, the normally closed contact of the limit control relay of the liquid level measuring and controlling instrument will be disconnected, the secondary control loop will open, the motor will stop working, and the running indicator light will be off.

2. Manual operation: switch on the power, the power indicator light is on, turn the transfer switch to the "manual" position, press the start button, the motor starts running, the operation indicator light is on, press the "stop" button, the motor stops running, and the operation indicator light is off.

3. No matter what control method is adopted, when the limit water level is reached, the signal contact of the over-limit water level is switched on, the secondary control loop loses power, making the motor stop running, and sending out the sound and light signal of suffering.In the process of motor operation, if there is an accident, the accident indicator light is on, the bell automatically reported, at this time, press the stop button to force the motor to stop working.