Safety issues should be taken into account when designing inverters

- Mar 25, 2019-

Inverter sometimes will be used in the car, so the safety is also very important, product design is not only related to the safety of electrical appliances, but also concerned about human safety, from a higher level, but also related to motorists and riders of the statement, let's talk about the safety of the car inverter. We have to choose the metal shell of the product, the power of the vehicle inverter is relatively large, the heat is also very much, if the internal heat has been stuck in the car, it will let the inverter Soumei reduce, if serious is also the danger of fire, if the choice of metal is a good heat dissipation, but also will not burn their own, If you choose plastic, there is no way to avoid these things.

Now the market has something above in order to be able to save costs, is to make the appearance of products are plastic, such products will be in the fan above the heat dissipation, is not recommended to choose, fans will appear a lot of noise, but also will affect the comfort level, life is generally very short. For our safety reasons, is to choose the division type of products, do not choose the integration of things, because it has a lot of shortcomings, first of all, the car's cigarette point position is not very deep, the general inverter will not appear after, the form of the process will be due to instability in the case of poor contact, There is the exposed place will be very long, if plugged into these things will directly affect their own shift operation, this is possible and driving when the safety is the existence of a relationship, whether it is safety or convenience is not the choice of inverter.