Soft start internal structure diagram

- Jul 17, 2019-

As we all know, the soft starter is used to start the rat cage three-phase motor, it and the star triangular starter and self-coupled buck starter is the same use, but the soft starter uses more advanced technology, with more functions, so the price is more expensive. Because of this, many friends do not know much about the soft starter, or even some misunderstanding of it, so this article to introduce the internal structure of the soft starter, and attach edit, let everyone better understand it.


To make it easier to understand the soft starter, first understand its schematic The internal structure of the soft starter is very simple, mainly by the shell, control motherboard, key display board, 3 sets of SCR and the connector and 3 transformers, this is the ordinary intelligent bypass type soft starter, when the use of AC contactors to use together. The control board is the core part of the entire soft starter, the control hardware and firmware of the soft launcher rely on this block of circuit board, and the soft starter of the scrare silicon, transformer and power supply are connected to the control board through the plug-in, the display and key board is also connected by drainage and control board.

Control the motherboard program by our company's independent research and development, stability is very high, the microcontroller using STC company's STC series chips, it has the advantages of running stable fast. And the soft starter in another very important component - Scrite is a product from a military industry company in Shenyang, from the beginning of this product has been using their company's SCR, performance and quality can be very good guarantee.

Zhejiang has a lot of manufacturers to do SCR, although there are very good quality prices are also relatively cheap, but my company dare not take risks to replace manufacturers. There is a comparative control of the output of the motherboard optocoupler is also very important, do not look at it a small part, but you want to buy will find all kinds of prices have, the price difference is very large, the quality difference is also unimaginable, electronic components market water is too deep, carelessly into a batch of goods quality is not good can make you cry. So we are cautious in the selection of components.

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