Soft starter action

- Aug 01, 2019-

Soft starting has the advantages of small starting current, smooth starting speed, low impact on the power grid, and the starting curve can be adjusted according to the actual operating conditions on the field, thus reducing the impact on equipment at starting, reducing the damage to the equipment and extending the service life. The main purpose is to reduce the starting voltage and current.

The role of the motor soft starter is to limit the starting current of asynchronous motor, can be widely used in fans, pumps, transport classes and compressors and other loads, is the traditional star/triangular conversion, self-coupled buck, magnetically controlled buck and other pressure start-up equipment ideal replacement products.

1. Reduce the starting current of the motor, reduce the power distribution capacity, avoid the increase of capacity investment;

2. Reduce the mechanical stress of starting and extend the service life of electric motors and related equipment;

3. A variety of start-up modes and a wide range of current, voltage, time and other settings, can adapt to a variety of load conditions, improve the process.