Soft starter and star delta starter difference

- Oct 11, 2019-

Soft starter starting voltage and start to full voltage time can be set.Usually start for 60-75% peak voltage set u, start time is set to 5-20 s, soft starter with current limiting function, instantaneous starting current in 2-2.5 times, startup current limit in 1 to 3 times, according to the actual situation of motor in the process of start setting different start voltage change start torque, the motor steady and rapid to achieve the rated operating voltage, soft start equipment soft stop function, during downtime on the motor voltage smooth time can be set to 0 to 20 s down to zero, is suitable for the need of soft stop device

Star-delta starting method: the three-phase windings of the star-delta motor are connected into stars, and the voltage borne by each winding is 0.578u. After the delay, the three-phase windings of the motor are connected into triangles through the star-delta conversion device. At this time, the voltage borne by each winding is 400v, and the instantaneous starting current is 2-3 times I