Soft starter application

- May 17, 2019-

 The soft starter installation adjustment is convenient, and all control connections and parameter adjustments are completed on the front. The soft starter can still be easily retrofitted in place after installation, such as additional current limiting functions and internal/external conversion options. The soft starter can operate continuously online without bypass. The soft starter sets up a separate control relay for bypass and fault. All parameters of the soft starter are set by the three knob potometers and one uncode switch on the panel for intuitive accuracy. It can even work in applications with vibration and high ambient temperatures. When the soft starter is used for internal connections, because the silicon-controlled module is subjected to the phase current at triangular docking, so the soft starter of the same current can load 1.73 times larger than the external connection when the soft starter is internal. For example, a 58A S-type soft starter can be loaded with a 100A motor when applied internally.

In principle, caged asynchronous motors are suitable for all applications that do not require speed regulation. Applications range from 380V (or 660V) to AC, with motor power ranging from several kilowatts to 800 kW. Soft starters are particularly suitable for a variety of pump-type loads or fan-type loads, requiring soft start and soft parking. Also for variable load conditions, electric motors in the long-term light operation, can be widely used in textiles, metallurgy, petrochemicals, water treatment, shipping, transportation, medicine, food processing, mining and machinery and equipment industries.

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