Soft starter should choose aluminum row or copper row

- Jul 24, 2019-

1, the same load current, aluminum row of the cross-sectional area than copper row larger, because the same cross-sectional area when the aluminum load flow is less than copper.

2, aluminum row hardness is not as good as copper, so thermal stability, dynamic stability performance is not as good as copper row.

3, because of the above reasons, the size of the box should be increased.


Copper row, also known as copper female row or copper sink row, is made of copper material, cross-section is rectangular or chamfered (rounded) rectangle of long conductors (now generally with rounded copper row, so as not to produce tip discharge), in the circuit to convey current and connect electrical equipment. Copper in electrical equipment, especially in the complete set of power distribution devices have been widely used, generally in the distribution cabinet of U, V, W phase female row and PE female row are used copper row, copper in the use of the general label with the color letter logo or painted with color paint, U-phase copper row coated with "yellow" color, V-phase copper row with "green" color, W-phase copper row coated with "red" color, PE bus copper row is coated with a "yellow-green phase" two-color.