Hands-on hands teach you to solve the inverter water intake problem

- Jul 15, 2019-

The application of inverters is extremely extensive, regardless of geographical and seasonal influence. So in the rainy season, the inverter accidentally into the water how to deal with it? Don't worry, this time you should calm down and read the small editor of this article, for the title on the easy way to solve.


What should be done when the drive is in the water?

You can first open the inverter panel, the drive inside with a dry towel or paper towel dry, and then with the electric blow cold wind dry display, PC board, push plate, power elements, fans, etc. , the best with a purity of 95% of the alcohol will be the above components scrubagain (alcohol in the volatile will take away most of the water) and then with the wind blowing dry. After an hour or so after the dry almost and then re-scrub with alcohol, and then open the hot air (low temperature) blow again.


Which components need to be focused on?

Potor, switching power transformers, displays (keys), electrical appliances, contactors, reactors, fans (especially 220V), electrolytic capacitors, . power modules, must be dryed in low-temperature gear many times, switching power transformers, contactors, power modules is a top priority.

Sometimes the module may look dry, but there is still standing water inside. Place in a dry environment for a day and check again for reflux and dry the key components again. The first power after drying must be cut off, to see the inverter reaction. If there is no abnormal retransmission of electricity can generally be used normally. In fact, as long as the usual more attention to protection, the inverter into the water is not power state, the inverter is generally not bad.


What if the drive comes into the water with power?

If the power state is found to enter the water, should be the first time the power off. If the internal short circuit does not burn down, you can remediate it as follows. If there is a short circuit burned, it is best to find a professional drive repair engineer to detect repair. It doesn't matter if you're using a waterproof drive.


The above is the correct handling of the inverter water, the need for in-depth understanding of the partners can find our customers to understand the detailed description