Specification for the installation and wiring of frequency inverters

- Jan 10, 2020-

The frequency converter can work stably. It must be ensured that the operating environment of the frequency converter meets the specified permissible environment.   

A: Installation place

1: The electrical room should be less wet steam, no water immersion.

2: No explosive, combustible or corrosive gas and liquid, less dust.

3: Maintenance inspection is easy to carry out4. There should be vents or ventilation devices to discharge the inverter to generate heat.

B: Conditions of use

1: Frequency converter operating temperature is 0 ~ 40 or -10 ~ 50, to pay attention to the frequency converter cabinet ventilation. 

2: The humidity around the inverter is less than 90%.The surrounding humidity is too high, the electric bond is reduced and the metal part is corroded.Subject to the limitation of the installation site, the frequency converter is constantly installed in places with high humidity, and the frequency converter cabinet should adopt the sealing structure as far as possible.In order to prevent the inverter to stop dew, the device needs to add a convection heater. 

3: there should be no corrosive, explosive or combustion gas, dust and oil mist around the inverter.If there is explosive and combustion gas around the inverter installation, the inverter is easy to produce spark relay and contactor, will cause fire or explosion accident.

When there is corrosive gas, the metal part will corrode, which will affect the long-term operation of frequency converter.When dust and oil mist are stored around the inverter, the adhesion and accumulation of these gases will lead to the reduction of the bonding edge.Forced air-cooled inverter, filter blockage will cause abnormal temperature rise in the inverter, resulting in the inverter can not be stable operation. 

4: the vibration resistance of the frequency converter should be different from type to type. When the vibration exceeds the allowable value of the frequency converter, the fastening part of the parts will be loosened and the movable parts such as the relay and contactor will be misoperated, which often leads to the stable operation of the frequency converter.Machine tools, ships, etc. can predict the vibration situation in advance, the frequency converter vibration should be considered. 

5. The elevation of frequency converter shall be below 1000m.Elevation is high pressure will be, easy to produce bonding damage.Additional elevation high cooling effect also drops, must pay attention to temperature rise.

C: Inverter connection

When all kinds of factories and equipment adopt frequency conversion to adjust speed, harmonic interference will be generated on the power side and motor side of the inverter, and EMC interference will be generated on the power supply network and other electrical equipment around the inverter.In addition to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the inverter, the inverter wiring is very important.