The development direction of AC Drive

- Mar 05, 2019-

1: The entire high-voltage inverter market has not seen sustained explosive growth, but China's inverter brand has covered almost all areas, and relative to the international brand has a cost-effective advantage. The market share of domestic high-voltage inverters has exceeded 55%. From the enterprise ranking point of view, the combination of combined Kang frequency growth of 13.2%, the market accounted for 13%, has become the first position in the industry, Lidwafu market accounted for 12%, Siemens accounted for 11%, ABB accounted for 9%, Oriental Hitachi accounted for 5%. The development speed of the national electric four-dimensional. It grew 44% in 2012, with the industry accounting for nearly 5%.

2: China's medium and High voltage inverter market has a broad space for development, with the expansion of the market and the diversification of customer demand, the function of domestic inverter products in continuous improvement and increase, integration and systematization more and more high.