What is the English meaning of inverter control panel?

- Aug 23, 2019-

English on the inverter control panel is different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

PROG, with several functions: enter the parameter setting interface and switch between different series of parameters.

ENTER.Parameter confirmation.After we adjust the value of parameters to be adjusted, we need to press this button to confirm storage;

JOG: JOG.That is, after pressing this key, it will operate in accordance with the inching frequency and direction set by the program, and stop after releasing;

RUN: RUN key.If it is panel control mode, press this button to start the inverter and enter the running state;

STOP: STOP button.In case of panel control mode, press this key to stop the inverter running.

Arrow up: This key can increase the running frequency, or increase the parameter setting value.

Down arrow: This key can reduce the running frequency or decrease the parameter setting value.

The SHIFT button: The shift key.This key is similar to the cursor in OFFICE software. When the key moves to the corresponding position, the up and down arrows can be pressed to modify the value in the position.

The RESET button: The reset button.When the frequency converter fails, after troubleshooting, press this key to restore to the default state.