The role and classification of inverters

- Apr 05, 2019-

Simply put, the inverter is a device that can turn low pressure directly into a stream point, usually it will turn 220 volts of an electronic device into direct current to use, the role of the inverter is the opposite of this, now is to be in a moving time, is that there will be a lot of leisure activities,

When moving, we all need to power the current inside, but also need to carry out in the daily environment can not be missing alternating current, inverter is able to meet some of the needs of our present. Inverter is generally divided into two kinds, one is the sine wave inverter, there is a square wave inverter, sine wave given is the kind of our power grid like the sinusoidal wave of alternating electricity, is not in the grid inside the pollution, square wave output is a poor quality of some points,

The forward maximum value is to be able to basically produce, so for the inverter itself to cause the stability of the impact is not OK, his load capacity is very poor, that is, the rated discretion is a lot, but also will not carry the emotional load. If we carry more things, square wave of the current inside is will contain three of the composition will let the current increase, serious time will also destroy some of the capacitance inside, the output is the front of the maximum value of a time interval inside, the overall situation, the practical interval will also appear to increase, Because the inverter price is relatively moderate, but also slowly become the market inside the mainstream products, technology backwardness will be really out of the market.