what are the stopping ways of frequency inverter

- Jul 18, 2019-

Generally speaking, the way the inverter stops or the way of stopping is how to control the drive to stop working after accepting the stop command, usually in two ways, one is to slow down the parking, the other is free parking.

Slow-down parking, stop command severance after the effective, the inverter in accordance with the deceleration mode and the defined deceleration time to reduce the output frequency, the frequency reduced to 0Hz after the stop, this is our usual use of the inverter stop mode, such as in accordance with our set deceleration mode (straight or S curve) and deceleration time. If the load of the motor drag is large inertia and requires a quick stop, DC braking is also required to be controlled, which is found in the parameter control of the drive, including the braking frequency, brake wait ingress, DC brake current size and time. If the size of the DC current or the braking time is 0, the brake is invalid and the drive stops at the fixed deceleration time.


Free parking, the stop command is valid, the drive immediately terminates the output, the load according to mechanical inertia free parking. This simple understanding is to cut off the output power supply of the drive, relying entirely on the inertia of the load itself to stop.

Two ways is like driving brake, slow-down parking is still hanging gear by the transmitter to slow down, if the requirement stomp fast stop to apply the brakes (DC brake), free stop is to hang the blank or press the clutch to cut off the engine's power. Overall, it's better to slow down the stop, choose the stop mode according to the control requirements.