The ways to start soft starter

- Jul 18, 2019-

1. Voltage ramp soft start: When the motor is started, the voltage agility of the soft starter rises to U1, and then gradually rises within the set time t, and the motor accelerates with the voltage rising to reach the additional voltage and additional speed, the start-up process is completed.

2. Limiting current start: when the motor is launched, the output voltage of the soft starter is added agilely, until the output current reaches the limit, insists that the output current is not greater than this value, the voltage gradually increases, so that the motor accelerates, when the additional voltage, the additional speed, the output current agile drop to the additional current, the start process is completed. This method is used for some load motors that need to be started with agility.

3. Slope limiting current start: When starting the motor, the output voltage rises steadily at the set time, while the output current is added at a definite rate, and when the starting current increases to the limit value Im, the current is stable until the start is completed. This method is suitable for pump and fan load motors.

4.  Soft parking: When the motor is aborted under this method, the output voltage of the motor is gradually reduced from the additional voltage to zero during the set soft stop moment, and the parking process is completed; Forming fluid shocks to the pipeline)