What about inverter interference?How to solve it?

- Sep 30, 2019-

When encountering inverter interference problem, most people still think of such a problem.What about inverter interference?How to solve it?And so on.In the frequency converter with magnetic ring, Japanese original products have seen.In fact, these are not important, the important is to be able to correctly use EMC criteria and electromagnetic noise filtering method, for each specific electromagnetic environment for the correct installation wiring and filtering processing.Deal with the interference of electromagnetic environment and do EMC protection.It also requires professional basic knowledge to provide theoretical guidance, as well as the means to detect environmental interference.For example, harmonic meter, oscilloscope equipment support.

Ferrite magnetic ring, referred to as magnetic ring.It is a common anti-interference element in electronic circuit, and has a good suppression effect on high frequency noise.The commonly used magnetic rings are manganese zinc ferrite magnetic rings and nickel zinc ferrite magnetic rings.The former is used for low frequency interference and the latter for high frequency.When selecting should pay attention to the cable outer diameter can pass through the magnetic ring, if it can also be more than two turns.Try to avoid magnetic leakage.And as far as possible in the cable in and out of the end.The following points for attention:

1, sometimes used after the magnetic ring, working for a period of time magnetic ring hot, can not touch.This means that the magnetic ring is used less and more until the temperature of the magnetic ring is up and down with the temperature of the hand.The magnetic ring is too hot, which will cause the skin (sheath) of the wire passing through the magnetic ring to age faster, leading to unsafe problems over time.

2. Similarly, after using the magnetic ring, it is found that the magnetic ring has no temperature, which means that it has no effect.Dispensable.It is also a method to determine the validity of magnetic adding ring.Of course, the most effective method is to compare the waveforms before and after the magnetic ring.To determine the validity of the magnetic addition ring.Noise suppression can be analyzed qualitatively or quantitatively.

Generally used in the inverter output end, because the inverter is the source of interference, to prevent the interference of other devices.Magnetic ring was also used in the field. At that time, it was a 45KW frequency converter. The power line at the output end was wound on the magnetic ring for 3 times.Finally, the output cable of frequency converter is added with metal hose, and has a good grounding, and received a good anti-interference effect, interference is obviously eliminated!

There are more and more interference from frequency converters. In most cases, frequency converters pollute the power supply. When other electric devices use the contaminated power supply, they cannot work properly.In this case, the magnetic ring can be installed first, such as especially serious can be installed with a filter or reactor.

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