What are the types of contactors?

- Jul 24, 2019-

1. Air electromagnetic AC contactor

Among the contactors, air electromagnetic AC contactors are the most widely used, the product line and varieties are the most, but its structure and working principle is the same, currently commonly used domestic air electromagnetic contactors have CJ0, CJ10, CJ12, CJ20, CJ21, CJ26, CJ29, CJ35, CJ40 and other series AC contactors.

2. Mechanical chain AC contactors

The mechanical chain AC contactoris is actually composed of two AC contactors of the same specificationplus plus the mechanical chain and the electrical chain, ensuring that in any case the two contactors cannot be sucked together at the same time. Commonly used mechanical chain contactors are CJX1-N, CJX2-N, CJX4-N and so on.

3. Switch capacitor contactors

Switchcapacitor contactors are specially designed for low-voltage reactive compensation equipment, input or cutting capacitor slots to adjust the power factor of the power system, switching capacitor contactors on the basis of the air electromagnetic contactor sin-stop to add a device to suppress surges, so that the surge current at the time of closing on the impact of the capacitance and the overvoltage when the gate is suppressed. Commonly used products are CJ16, CJ19, CJ41, CJX4, CJX2A and so on.

4. Vacuum AC contactor

The vacuum AC contactor is an arc-out medium with a vacuum and its main contact is sealed in a vacuum switch tube. Vacuum switch tube vacuum as an insulating and arc-out medium, when the contacts are separated, the arc can only be maintained by the metal vapor evaporated from the head, because the vacuum has a high insulation strength and the medium recovery speed is very fast, the plasma of the vacuum arc quickly spread around, the first voltage over zero when the arc can be extinguished. Commonly used domestic vacuum contactors have CKJ, NC9 and other series.

5. DC contactor

The DC contactor structure has two structures, the electromagnetic system uses the snap-and-close structure that rotates around the angle, and the main contact uses a double-break-point bridge structure or a single-break-point rotation structure. Common DC contactors are CZ18, CZ21, CZ22, CZ0, etc.

6. Intelligent contactors

The intelligent contactor is equipped with intelligent electromagnetic system, and has the function of communicating with the data bus and other equipment, and it also has the ability to automatically identify, control and execute the operating conditions. Intelligent contactors by electromagnetic contactors, intelligent control modules, auxiliary contact groups, mechanical chain mechanisms, alarm modules, measurement and display modules, communication interface modules, etc. , its core is a microprocessor or microcontroller.