What to watch out for when buying a soft starter

- Jul 24, 2019-

Winston Electric tells you that when we generally choose the type of soft starter, there will be a variety of models for us to choose, during the selection process, there are two standards one by the power of the corresponding motor nominal, and the other by the maximum allowable current nominal for soft start.

  1. to the rated capacity of the motor nominal, then different voltage levels of the product rated current is different.

2. to the maximum allowable operating current of the soft starter to nominal, then the different voltage levels of the product rated capacity is different.

In addition, we should consider, such as soft start-up load capacity, working system, environmental conditions, cooling mode, etc.

Increased capacity is required in the following situations

1. in the soft starter or the use of energy-saving control mode of soft start is often in the heavy-duty state of operation. Soft start overload may cause, so the soft start capacity should be increased.

2. the motor is used for continuous variable load or intermittent load, and the cycle is short, in this case, the motor is not allowed to run for a short time overload, otherwise, the operation may cause the starter overload, so to increase capacity.

3. the motor is used to repeat the short-term operating system, and the cycle is less than the start-up interval specified by the manufacturer, it may cause a soft start overload during the start-up, so the capacity of soft start should be increased.

4. some load is too heavy, or the power grid capacity is too small, start-up, the motor start-up time is too long, so that the soft starter overload tripping, in the premise that the motor will not be damaged, can appropriately enlarge the capacity of soft start.

 5. the acceleration time has special requirements for the load, the length of motor acceleration time is a relative concept with the inertial size. Some loads require a shorter acceleration time, and the motor's acceleration current will be larger, at which point the capacity of the soft start can be appropriately amplified.

6. the transition process has a large impact current load, may lead to overcurrent protection action, can appropriately amplify the capacity of soft start.

When we choose a soft starter, we should choose according to the environment in which we are using it and the size of the motor power so that we can increase productivity when used later.

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