The reason why AC contactors sometimes make a lot of noise in operation and how to deal with them

- Aug 02, 2019-

Contactor operation, inevitably produce noise, but generally little impact, there is sound is due to the iron core polar surface dirt caused by the suction vibration, as long as the vibration is not large, will not have an impact on the circuit.

Generally appear large vibration and noise is the contact surface between the contact iron and the iron in the contact has dust and oil or tightening screws loose, the contactor open with a cloth to wipe the contact surface clean, the screw tightening can be.

The causes and treatment methods of the AC contactors that sometimes make a lot of noise during operation:

1, the first reason is to absorb the short-circuit ring of the iron is broken, the "short circuit ring" is in the cross-change current over zero, to maintain a certain suction between the static iron, in order to remove the vibration between the dynamic, static iron core. As a result, a short circuit ring vibrates and causes noise.

The treatment is to replace the short circuit ring.

2, the second reason is the "interface" between the title iron, between the static iron is polluted, unclean, will also produce noise. The treatment method is very simple, wipe clean can be, but be careful not to make the "interface" between the deeper scratches.