Why can't the frequency of inverter converter be adjusted

- Jul 25, 2019-

Frequency converter can not jump up, first we first look at the no-load situation, first do not connect the motor.

1. For a frequency converter has a frequency range of Settings, such as parameters of maximum output frequency and frequency limit, maximum output frequency can be according to the structure of the frequency converter according to the manual query such as 0 ~ 400.00 Hz, running frequency inverter output frequency is a limit to limit, less than or equal to the maximum output frequency, how to set the inverter frequency limit is too low, how to adjust must have to jump up high.


2. According to check the frequency set by the way, whether the frequency adjustment and frequency matching instruction, such as frequency converter set the communication frequency modulation, and the program is written in analog control, frequency instructions generally have local adjust potentiometer (keyboard analog control), external analog control (current or voltage mode), high-speed pulse setting, multistage speed setting, the PID control, communication control, determine the instructions after find connection mode is correct, such as AB is negative, com port and telecommunication lines.

3. Check the program, such as whether there is any error or correspondence between the output of digital quantity and analog quantity in the control of analog quantity. Use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage or current output of DA module is the same as what we calculated.Communication indicator light in communication control, such as reading and writing to see whether it flashes or stays on (according to the hardware), first ensure the normal communication, check whether the communication parameters such as station number, check, baud rate and other Settings are consistent with the host computer, whether the frequency converter can receive the signal accurately.

4.  Check whether the frequency converter is damaged, such as alarm or failure, whether the wiring terminal is damaged, etc., after all these are normal, the frequency can be adjusted up and then connected to the motor, if the motor load is too large, the frequency may not be adjusted up.