50hp Fan Pump Inverter

50hp Fan Pump Inverter

Output voltage stability
With large dimension
High efficiency
More dissipation Output without load connecting
With large capacity output
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Product Details

WSTG600 Model Explanation


Data Sheet

Three-phase power supply 380V 50/60Hz


Power Capacity (kVA)

Input current

Output current

Adapation motor



WSTG600-4T37G / WSTG600-4T37P






Busic Functions

Basic functions

Start frequency


Accel/Decel time


Carrier frequency


Frequency command modes

Digital setting + Keyboard Up/Down;Digital setting + terminal Up/Down.Communication setting. Analog setting:AI1/AI2/AI3.Terminal pulse setting.

Start methods

Start from starting frequency.DC injection braking at start;Flying start.

Stop methods

Ramp to stop. Coast to stop.DC injection braking at ramp stop.

Dynamic brake capability

Braking unit triggered voltage:650-750V.Service time:0.0s~100.0s.Brake units of G600-4T75 and below are optionally inbuilt.

DC braking capability

DC braking start frequency : 0.00Hz~600.00Hz.DC braking current: constart torque 0.0%~100.0%. DC braking time:0.0s-100s.

Input terminals

Seven digital input terminals, one of them can be used for pulse input. Support dry contact active PNP and NPN input.Three analog input terminals, one of them is voltage only and the other two are voltage/current programmable.

Output terminals

One high-speed pulse output (0kHz~50kHz square wave output) and two analog outputs (voltage/current programmable), can output signals such as command frequency,output frequency etc.One digital output.One delay outputs.

Encode input terminals

Supports 5V/12V power supply. Support OC,push-pull,differential inputs and such.




Mounting Holes(mm)

External dimension(mm)

Diameter (mm)

Weight (kg)
















WSTG600 Single phase 220V inverter wiring diagram


WSTG600 Three phase 380V inverter wiring diagram



Power supply

Input three-phase AC power supply according to the user manual

Circuit breaker

Usage:When the post equipment over current , it will be cut the power supply and protect the post equipment.
Selection:The breaking current of the circuit breaker is 1.5-2 times of the rated current of the inverter; The time characteristic of circuit breaker needs to be selected according the inverter overload protection time characteristic.

Leakage protector

Usage:Because the inverter output is PWM high frequency chopping voltage, the high frequency current is inevitable.Selection: Recommended B type special leakage protector.


In order to ensure safety, please do not close and disconnect frequently which will cause inverter failure; Do not use the closed and disconnect the contactor on the system through the power of the inverter start and stop, which will reduce the life of the inverter

Input AC reactor

Improve the efficiency factor; Improve the effect of unbalanced three-phase AC power supply on the system; Control the high order harmonics, reduce the interference of the external conduction and radiation, effectively reduce the pulse current on the rectifier bridge

Input filter

Reducing the conduction interference from the power supply to the inverter; Improve the anti-interference ability of the frequency inverter; Reduce the external conduction and radiation interference.

Braing unit and braking resistor

Use: When braking, it can effectively use the energy of the motor to achieve fast braking.
Selection:The selection of brake unit, please contact our technical staff directly, the braking resistor selection reference peripheral device selection table.

Output filter

Reduce the external conduction and radiation interference

Output AC reactor

It can effectively avoid the damage of the motor insulation due to the hidden wave voltage and reduce the frequency of the frequency converter.When the inverter to the motor connection over 100m, it is recommended to install the output AC reactor.


Selection of motor matched with frequency inverter

Why Choose Us

1.Standard Modbus communication

2.Built-in PID

3.16 Step multi-step speed control

4.Flexible V/f curve setting

5.Multi-function I/O terminal (the delay time can be set)

6.Fault protection at over-current , over-voltage , under-voltage , over-temperature and overload with detailed fault information.

7.DC breaking , flux braking and resistor dynamic braking.

8.Over-current and over-voltage stall, stronger load adaptability

9.Can use the 380vac motor direct. Don’t need change the Voltage 380VAC motor is high Torque than 220VAC motor if same power 380VAC motor is cheaper than 220VAC motor.



IGBT brand: Infineon/FUJI (7.5KW~400KW)

Infineon focuses on three major technological challenges in modern society: energy efficiency, mobility and security, providing semiconductor and system solutions for automotive and industrial power devices, chip cards and security applications. Infineon's products are known for high reliability, superior quality and innovation, and are well-known in analog and mixed-signal, RF, power, and embedded control devices. Infineon's operations all over the world, in the United States California Miao must, the Asia-Pacific region of Singapore and Tokyo, Japan and other places have branches. FY12 (as of September 2012), the company achieved sales of 3.9 billion euros


We can also Custom IP65 , IP54 waterproof inverter , please send the specifications you need , our Technical team can customize for you , welcome to consult.


About Us

We will arrange the goods packaging, choose the transport routes in a fast and economical mode; Monitor all goods circulation, track and ensure the quality of transportation; provide fast, safe logistics channels.


The company's products have a wide range of applications.Including printing machinery, packaging machinery, winding machinery, film blowing machine, lathe, grinder, etc.Therefore, it is deeply loved by customers.


Mainly occupied the international market. Exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East and other countries and regions, enjoy a high reputation in the world.



1. Q: What is the application of solar panel pump frequency inverter?

A: It is used widely in Agricultural irrigation, grassland animal husbandry,forest irrigation, municipal water, landscape fountain, fish ponds, highway greening, seawater saltwater supply and drainage. 

2. Q: Is every frequency inverter build in brake unit?

A: Usually below 15KW( including 15KW ) build in brake unit, above 15KW we can customized for you.

3. Q: Can I order frequency inverter with my brand?

A: Yes, OEM and ODM are acceptable, let’s talk details by email.

4. Q: Is there any special design for your inverter?

A: For capacitance, our capacitance with heat shrink tube, it make our inverter not easy to short circuit. Other inverters on the market do not have.

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