Attention Points For The Use Of Inverters

- Apr 30, 2019-

1, DC voltage to be consistent Each inverter has access to DC voltage values, such as 12V,24V, required to choose the battery voltage must be consistent with the inverter DC input voltage. For example, a 12V inverter must select a 12V battery.

2, Inverter output power must be greater than the use of electrical power, especially for the start of high power electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, but also to leave a larger surplus.

3, Positive and negative poles must be connected correctly The DC voltage of the inverter access is marked with positive and negative poles. Red is positive (+), black is negative (-), the battery is also marked with positive and negative poles, red is positive (+), black is negative (-), the connection must be positive (red red), negative negative (black black). The cable diameter must be thick enough and minimize the length of the cable.

4, Should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, beware of rain, and with the surrounding objects have more than 20cm distance, away from flammable and explosive products, avoid placing or covering other items on the machine, the use of ambient temperature is not greater than 40 ℃.

5, Charging and inverter can not be carried out at the same time. That is, the charging plug cannot be inserted into the electrical circuit of the inverter output when the inverter is reversed.


6, Two times the boot interval is not less than 5 seconds (cut off the input power supply).

7, Please wipe with a dry cloth or anti-static cloth to keep the machine clean and tidy.

8, Before connecting the input and output of the machine, please first properly ground the shell of the machine.

9, In order to avoid accidents, users are prohibited to open the chassis for operation and use.

10, Suspect that the machine is faulty, please do not continue to operate and use, The input and output should be cut off in time, and the maintenance should be checked by qualified maintenance personnel or maintenance units.

11, In connection with the battery, to confirm that there is no other metal on the hand, so as to avoid short circuit of the battery, burning the human body.