China Frequency Converters Gradually Rise And Gradually Occupy The High-end Market

- Jul 19, 2019-

From the 1960s, high-tech enterprises represented by danfoss began to mass produce frequency converters, opening a new era of frequency converters industrialization.

From the 1960s, high-tech enterprises represented by danfoss began to mass produce frequency converters, opening a new era of frequency converters industrialization.Until the 21st century, China's local frequency converters gradually rise.At present, China's high-end inverter market has been monopolized by foreign brands for a long time.

Current situation of frequency converter market in China

As the market is very attractive and its potential capacity is very considerable, new participants in the industry are constantly attracted to enter. However, the existing market has already formed a certain scale and its development is gradually mature. Therefore, future resource plunder and market war will be inevitable.With the continuous progress in technology, the stability of product quality gradually improved, coupled with the advantages of service and price, the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers will become more and more powerful.

Statistics show that in recent years, the industrial output value of frequency converter industry in China has been increasing rapidly.In competition with foreign famous inverter brand products, the personage inside course of study thinks domestic frequency converter low voltage frequency converter in enterprises to strengthen market position at the same time, should speed up its high-end product structure transformation, through the thorough exchange, and the inverter user application of cutting-edge technology, development and production of user satisfaction high-end inverter products, with product development and product innovation, brand building advantages, realize the brand development.

Domestic converter equipment manufacturing enterprises on the market share has overtaken imported inverter products, domestic enterprises are constantly transducers to narrow the technology gap with foreign enterprises, through the technical research and quality control, on the basis of the guarantee quality, established the domestic inverter product competitive advantage, the localization of application filled the gap on the application of frequency converter products.

Our frequency converter accelerates to the high-end sprint

In China's medium and low voltage inverter market, foreign brands are still dominant.At the same time, China's frequency converter supporting industry strength is relatively weak, domestic brands in technology, processing and manufacturing, industrial design and other aspects of financial strength, there is a certain gap with foreign brands.Inverter in China started late, the technology behind the our country domestic inverter in the inverter in the market competition at a disadvantage, not only is the iron and steel industry, the rail transit to the technical requirements such as high industry rarely enter domestic inverter, even some of technical requirements are not too high and some foreign brand preconceived subdivision industry is difficult to enter.

After entering the 21st century, domestic frequency converters gradually rise and now gradually occupy the high-end market.Shanghai and shenzhen have become the leading position in the development of domestic frequency converters, and a number of well-known domestic frequency converters such as huichuan frequency converter, yingweiteng frequency converter, anbang letter frequency converter and ourui frequency converter have emerged.