Development Prospect Of Electric Power Industry In China

- Jan 20, 2019-

China is in the middle stage of industrialization, urbanization, informationization, agricultural modernization development, per capita GDP, energy, electricity consumption is less than half of the developed countries, but also need to continue to develop rapidly. 18 put forward 2020 years to achieve a well-off, gross domestic product and per capita income doubled, 2050 reached the level of developed countries ambitious goals and economic, political, cultural, social and ecological environment in five aspects of the overall development of the task, for the future development of clear goals and directions. Economic growth in 2013 is generally forecast to be better than more than 8% this year. Power elasticity coefficient due to increased investment in infrastructure, heavy chemical products demand to increase the use of electricity slightly recovered, the power elasticity coefficient of about 0.9, forecast annual electricity generation will reach about 5.34 trillion-kilowatt, the growth rate of 7.2%.

Electricity generation per capita is about 3,920-kilowatt kilowatt-hours. Power investment continues to increase, forecast annual new power generation installed capacity of about 90 million-kilowatt, water and electricity added about 20 million-kilowatt, Creek Xiluodu, Jinping level, Hai, dragon opening and other large-scale hydropower stations will be completed and put into operation, and steadily promote nuclear power construction, there will be Liaoning Red River, Fujian Ningde, Guangdong Yangjiang, Zhejiang Fangjiashan and other domestic nuclear power built according to the new standard construction and production, capacity of about 500~600 million kilowatts, quality up to the world's advanced level; wind power added grid-connected installed capacity 1500~1800 million kw, photovoltaic power generation added about 800~1000 million kw ; New clean energy power generation installed will reach about 50 million-kilowatt, accounting for more than half of the new capacity. The structure of power generation installed capacity in China is gradually developing in the direction of clean, low carbon and high efficiency.

White Crane Beach, two estuaries and other large hydropower will start construction, and according to the growth of electricity needs in the area of electricity shortage to start a number of new thermal power projects, natural gas generation projects increased. According to the goals set out in 18 and the "Twelve-Five" development plan, reference to the relevant institutions and our previous research results, combined with the analysis of China's economic development potential, forecast the average annual GDP growth rate in future periods: 2013-2015 years 8%, 2016-2020 years 7%, 2021-2050 years 4.5%.