Distributed Inverter Is Not The Future Direction Of Development

- Feb 05, 2019-

In the use of photovoltaic power station, inverter can be said to be inside the heart, can bear is the computer transformation and grid control effect, in the Power generation system inverter program determines whether the simulation inside can play a very large role, inverter conversion efficiency is also a key factor to determine the power generation.

The advantages and disadvantages of the grid-connected inverter algorithm determine whether the quality is very high, the safety and reliability between them is directly related to whether the payment power station can be effectively run out, the function of monitoring is the basis for the realization of optimization. From the type point of view, the photovoltaic inverter tradition can be divided into series and concentration of the two, in the inverter become homogenous now, the search for a more secure inverter program has become the current industry's full focus, the above is able to innovate in the powerful technology and their own ability, For the current inverter to carry out the Zhuge inspection, finally is to create their own third inside the technical line.

The main feature of a distributed inverter is that you change in a centralized way, and it also brings about three aspects of the experience. In the dispersion of the time will reduce the loss of electricity generated by their own photovoltaic, objectively above the formation of the dispersion is due to a variety of factors caused by their own loss of configuration, distributed inverter inside each intelligent direction is there will be several control modules, and centralized inverter bonus a situation comparison, It will also be a big time to reduce the loss of their own series of mismatches, the system's power generation benefits will be increased by 1%, the inverter scheme has reduced the loss of linear communication inside.