How About Chinese Frequency Converter Development Course

- Apr 05, 2019-

China's frequency converter market is currently in a period of rapid growth, widely used in air conditioning, elevator, metallurgy, machinery and other industries.According to statistics, in the past few years, China's frequency converter market has maintained a growth rate of 12%-15%, which is much faster than the GDP growth in recent years, and at least in the next five years to maintain a growth rate of more than 10%.The increase in installed capacity (power) in the Chinese market is actually around 20%, considering the price drop of about 4-6%.At this rate of growth and demand in China, it will be at least 10 years before the market becomes saturated and mature.Therefore, China frequency converter market has broad development space.

Energy conservation, consumption reduction, the most important

"China's current energy problems are more of a" bottleneck "than a" crisis, "industry representatives said during the two sessions.Energy tensions are relative, not absolute.China's energy per capita shortage, structure, distribution is extremely unreasonable.Due to the technical level, production capacity constraints caused by the waste of energy, environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent problems.Therefore, the rational development and use of energy needs a coordinated process.

Energy saving and consumption reduction, frequency converter shows its power

Reducing energy consumption is not a simple energy conservation, it involves energy extraction, processing and the use of downstream energy links.

This requires us to improve energy development, production, processing efficiency, reduce waste;Advanced technical equipment and products that save energy, reduce consumption, save water and protect the environment shall be adopted, and backward production capacities, processes and products with high consumption and large pollution shall be reformed or eliminated.And among them, automation enterprise opportunity is huge, the most direct is frequency converter production enterprise.From upstream oil, gas and coal mining, to energy transmission and power generation, to downstream petrochemical, steel, automobile production, and later water treatment and environmental protection, everything.

Frequency converters were originally designed for speed control and are used in printing, elevators, textiles, machine tools and production lines.At present, quite a lot of applications are aimed at energy conservation.As China is a large energy consumption country, the energy utilization efficiency is relatively low, and China's energy reserves are relatively poor, so the state vigorously promotes all kinds of energy conservation measures, and by the state economic and trade commission and the state planning commission in 2001 formulated the "power conservation management measures," emphatically recommended the frequency converter speed regulation technology.In the fields of water pump and central air conditioning, frequency converter can replace the traditional technology of flow limiting valve and backflow bypass, giving full play to the energy saving effect.In the industries of thermal power, metallurgy, mining and building materials, the economic value of high voltage frequency control ac motor system is being reflected.

Domestic companies are poised to take off

Should the market demand of energy conservation and environmental protection, in recent years the domestic frequency conversion enterprise like bamboo shoots after a spring rain rises, but in the product quality call the resound enterprise is very few.Speaking, according to the personage inside course of study is compared with the frequency conversion enterprises abroad, walk at the top of the technology of several domestic enterprises is of great competitive advantage, the domestic enterprise product design completely suitable for domestic users demand indicators, in performance quite inverter products, in price, a third of the product is higher than domestic products abroad, and foreign enterprises in the aspect of after-sales service is more expensive, most domestic enterprises has the disadvantage of insufficient funds, so can't big hair extension market, believe that as the user to further improve the energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness, after two or three years of its development, domestic enterprises will catch up with and surpass the foreign enterprises,Occupy a larger share of the domestic market.

Market research shows that at present, there are at least 180 million kilowatts of motor with variable load and energy saving potential in China.Thus it can be seen that the energy conservation and consumption reduction demand proposed by the energy shortage provides a broader space for the application of frequency converter, and also brings more development opportunities for frequency converter enterprises.