Inverter Industry Ushered In Golden Development Period

- Jan 10, 2019-

Distributed photovoltaic ready to be issued, 2012 domestic installed demand will increase significantly. Under the background of the EU's "double inverse", domestic support for distributed photovoltaic is more resolute and subsidy policies are on the horizon. Distributed projects around the country is well prepared, once the policy opening will usher in an outbreak, conservatively estimated in 2013, the new installed capacity of up to 8GW (of which power stations and distributed half), optimistic estimated up to 10GW.

According to the calculation, 2013 corresponding to the inverter industry domestic market capacity of about 4.3 billion yuan, 2015 increased to about 5.9 billion yuan, the 2011-2015 market compound growth rate of more than 35%. 2012 Inverter Price Bottom recovery: Price approaching cost, supply and demand pattern to improve stable price trend. In 2011-2012, the industry competition intensified, inverter prices fell rapidly, by the end of 2012, the average price of domestic high-power grid-connected inverter has reached 0.5 yuan/W (including tax) of the historical low point. And the cost of the decline rate is lower than the price fluctuation, raw material IGBT supply tension and other electronic components price firm, so that the 2012 inverter unit cost compression is small, according to the calculation, the average cost range of domestic mainstream inverter products in 0.30-0.36 yuan/W. Entering the 2013, distributed launch is expected to inject new vitality into the high growth of the domestic market, the overall supply and demand pattern of domestic inverters will be improved, the price war will be eased, the second half of the inverter price is expected to have a small recovery.