The Company Manages The Work To Realize The Time Task Double Half

- Jul 10, 2019-

The company manages the work to realize the time task double half

On July 25th, the company held the economic operation analysis meeting in June, summarized and analyzed the half-year work, and arranged the next step work.

Since the first half of the year, in the face of complex and changing situation, under the solid work of all departments, the company has achieved good performance, steady progress in all work, maintain a good momentum of development.

In terms of business work, the first is to analyze and determine the progress month by month, focusing on the annual target, and to implement the target well.Second, focusing on the innovation and application pilot of supply chain, we have promoted the integration of four business streams and the establishment of a platform to make good business transformation.Third, focus on the improvement of gross margin and enhance the autonomy of the business, and focus on the improvement of quality.Fourth, we actively responded to china-us trade frictions and commodity price fluctuations and took good measures to prevent and control risks.

In management work, the first is to strengthen the weak points, improve the work level and quality.Second, build a supply chain platform, promote financial informatization, improve the level of management informatization.Third, taking automobile business as the pilot, we reduced the approval process and improved the work efficiency.Fourth, we strengthened financial analysis and auditing.Fifth, we made smooth progress in cutting the number of government jobs.Sixth, basic business work has been strengthened.Seventh, new progress was made in financing.Eighth, the subsidiary construction obtains the new result.Ninth, progress was made in solving the remaining problems.

In terms of operation, first, we will continue to implement and adjust the annual targets to ensure the smooth completion of the annual targets.Second, give full play to synergies and promote the pilot construction of supply chain.The third is to improve the quality of business, constantly enhance business autonomy, improve the gross margin.Fourth, we will continue to guard against risks.

In terms of management, first, do a good job in the formulation, promotion and implementation of business manuals.Second, continue to optimize the business process, improve work efficiency, achieve accuracy and efficiency.Third, we will continue to strengthen the financial foundation.

More than 30 people attended the meeting, including company leaders, department heads, department staff representatives and new employees.