What Do I Need To Pay Attention To When Using The Inverter?

- Feb 25, 2019-

The inverter provides a better current for the normal use of electrical appliances, so that it can work properly. If the inverter does not pay attention to its precautions when used, then it will bring a relatively large loss, light is only the machine can not run, heavy will burn the electrical appliances and inverters.

So what should people pay attention to when the inverter is in use? The first is to connect the positive and negative poles of the inverter. The current is divided into positive and negative poles, therefore, the inverter is also divided into positive and negative poles. If you don't connect in the right way, it will have a relatively bad effect. The interface of the general inverter is color-colored, the red is the positive pole (+), the black is the negative pole (-); the same battery is also positive and negative, red is positive (+), black is negative (-). When connecting, be positive, that is, red to red, negative negative, that is, black black.

In addition, the wire diameter of the cable should be sufficiently coarse and reduce the length of the cable. Second, the inverter should be placed in the correct place. The general inverter is also a relatively demanding condition for the environment. Ventilation, drying is a good location. In addition, it cannot be placed in a damp place, otherwise it will affect its internal current through.

If there are flammable and explosive products in the vicinity, then the inverter can not choose here. Finally, charging and inverter cannot be performed at the same time.

Generally in the inverter for inverter, you can not carry out charging activities, otherwise it will cause electrical appliances back, to bring unnecessary damage to the instrument. Only by paying attention to these usage matters, then the use of the inverter will be more normal, and can have a better life cycle.