What Properties Are The Inverters Classified Mainly According To?

- Mar 15, 2019-

First, according to the wave string to divide According to the wave string, then the inverter is divided into two major species, one is a sine wave inverter, the other is a square wave inverter. Sine Wave inverter Output current is the same as the usual use of the grid current, and therefore there is no electromagnetic pollution in the grid. Square Wave inverter is different, generally positive large value to negative large value almost at the same time, for the inverter itself will have a variety of adverse effects. In addition, the current quality of the output of the square wave inverter is relatively poor and cannot be used for normal electrical work. Therefore, the vast majority of the current inverter market is sine wave inverter mainly. Consumers can choose inverters based on specific wave strings.

Second, according to the power supply Division According to the power supply to divide, can be divided into coal-electric inverter, solar inverter, wind energy inverter, nuclear inverter. At present, most of our electricity comes from coal thermal power generation, solar energy, wind energy and nuclear energy. Because the source of electrical energy is different, so the inverter is not the same, otherwise it will be easy to cause a variety of mismatch accidents.

Third, by Purpose division According to the use of inverter points, can be divided into independent control inverter, GRID-connected inverter. People can choose the inverter according to the specific use, so that the choice of inverter will be more in line with the actual use.